There are plenty of times during your property-owning life when you might want to consult a Chartered Surveyor, obviously including when you buy a house, but also for other valuation purposes like insurance.

But what are the things to consider when choosing a firm of RICS surveyors? Here’s our list of some of the most important things to keep in mind.

1. Location

Location is important, you will want a surveyor with local knowledge. Some large national RICS firms will sometimes send their surveyors many miles out of their normal area of practice, but this is less than ideal when surveying houses. Ideally you want a surveyor who understands the local market, planned infrastructure projects, ground conditions and common structural problems. Torus Chartered Surveyors in Altrincham can provide property surveys in Manchester, North Cheshire and other nearby areas. Just ask if you’re not sure whether your address is within range.

2. RICS Regulation

RICS is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and by using a RICS-regulated surveyor like Torus, you know you will receive a high standard of service.

3. Reviews and recommendations.

For most people buying a new house is a once in a 5 -10 year experience. Maybe you weren’t impressed by your last surveyor or maybe they are no longer available. When choosing a firm of surveyors ask friends and family for recommendations. Or, better still, ask people who have regular contact with surveyors for their recommendations, such as estate agents, solicitors or financial advisers.  Have a look at online reviews, you can check social networks, Google reviews and third-party websites for honest reviews by past customers.

4. Price

It’s always worth getting a quote and including price in your decision. Remember that not all surveyors are the same, and it’s often worth paying a little extra for better service and in-depth inspections, in exchange for the peace of mind this brings.

5. Choice

While we’re on the subject of different levels of property survey, look out for chartered surveyors who offer you the choice of a RICS Condition Report, HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey.

6. Clarity

How will the results of your property survey be given to you? For example, at Torus we use a simple traffic light system with the most severe damage and repair work highlighted in red, so you can immediately see what needs to be addressed first.

7. Contact

Finally, how easy is it to contact your chosen surveyor? Do they reply promptly to emails or answer the phone when you call? At Torus we pride ourselves on offering good communication to all our clients.

So, when choosing a firm of surveyors look no further than Torus. Give us a call today on 0161 929 7892 and let’s start the conversation.