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Torus Surveyors are RICS Registered Valuers and able to provide expert home valuations throughout Manchester and North Cheshire. A home valuation undertaken by an RICS registered valuer is recognised as a benchmark for professionalism, expertise and reliability.

A RICS valuation will provide an estimate of value in an arm’s length transaction where all parties have acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.

We at Torus Chartered Surveyors are able to provide expert RICS valuations which are compliant for most purposes. We aim to return the valuation to you within 24 hours of our inspection.

If you require a valuation, then please contact us on 0161 929 7892 or info@house-survey.co.uk, or please click the contact form below.


I am buying a house, my mortgage lender has instructed a valuation as part of my mortgage application, do I need one too?

Yes, a mortgage valuation requested by a lender will be specifically for loan security purposes. It should not usually relied upon by a purchaser as it may fail to mention many important points.

My mortgage lender has instructed a “desk top” or “drive by” valuation as part of my mortgage application, what does this mean?

Increasingly many large mortgage lenders are not physically inspecting houses. Their valuation may be undertaken by a computer or surveyors based hundreds of miles away from the property, the home will not be internally inspected. Lenders accept that the valuation will be very rough, it will take no account of the condition of the property and should provide a purchaser with no reassurance.

Is there a difference between an estate agent’s market appraisal / valuation and an RICS valuation?

There can be differences, an estate agent would normally be instructed by a home owner to undertake a market appraisal to maximise the value of their asset, on occasion this will involve testing the market at a higher price and subsequently reducing the asking price if a buyer cannot be found.

A Chartered Surveyor would assess recent transactions in the market to formulate a likely market value. Both approaches are similar however, on occasions they can result in different figures.

What does a house valuation inspection entail?

An inspection of an average sized house will generally involve a 30 minutes inspection of the building and plot, including measurements, damp readings and an assessments of the general condition of the property. A valuation inspection undertaken to RICS standards does not, unless otherwise agreed now include a loft inspection.

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